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Imagine your customers get warnings when they try to visit your website, receive emails impersonating you, or pay money to hackers rather than you. This is the reality faced by 1 in 3 small businesses each year* at an average cost of £6500**, and in 2020 cyber attacks have increased by 400%***

Cybersecurity doesn’t need to be complicated

Cyber Alarm alerts you when you’ve been hacked or are at risk, by continuously scanning your domain, email and website.

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“The one thing that keeps me awake at night is a data breach”

Paul Bulpitt - The WOW company

Running an accountancy practice means Paul and his team have access to confidential client information that he is entrusted to keep safe.

Cyber Alarm enables you to track your customer data and informs you of any potential breach so you can take the right next steps to keep your business and customers secure.

“I never thought that hackers would attack a business like mine”

Warren Whitton - Smart Steels

Warren’s business manufactures metal railings, gates and fences. As a result of email spoofing, one of his clients paid £10,000 to a hacker rather than to him.

Cyber Alarm lets you know if your email security is configured incorrectly in order to reduce the possibility of attackers impersonating you.

“It took me 4 months to notice that I had been hacked”

Ashley Pollak - etio

As the result of a hack, Ashley’s business was deemed to be acting maliciously on the internet. This caused his website and all the email addresses across his business to go down.

With Cyber Alarm he would have been alerted as soon as he was blacklisted, allowing him to resolve the issues before they became a problem.

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